Zebra sharbo x

I am forever on the quest for a perfect pen. One that stands out from the sea of standard Bics and says “Hey you! Yeah you over there. Please use me on some nice cotton paper and write some a nice note please. ”

I recently went to San Jose to visit some family and I stumbled on a very cute paper good store in Santana Row (MaiDo) and on a whim my sister and I went in to see what they had. Instantly I went into contact high generated from the sight of awesome paper goods and pens. My sister would say that I lost my mind for that hour. I happened to see a nice display case featuring pens and this sea foam green beauty just stood out and said BUY ME! I asked the sales person to help me with the pens and I found out that they were all metal and housed a rotating unit so that the user could select up to three different nibs. My giddy factor just went up about 5 levels. Form and function! Swoon. I selected two .5 gel tips and one mechanical pencil tip. I put the pen to some serious use last week and it did not disappoint. The pen is ultra smooth with a nice weight balance. I give it two thumbs up. I found a site online that ships replacement ink and I cannot wait to try out the other colors. I’m thinking I should change the colors out for each season.

Check out MaiDo if you are in San Jose, CA.