Salsa’s – Asheville, NC

Salsas Asheville

Aubrey and I went up to Asheville, NC for a quick overnight trip. A friend of mine suggested that we check out Salsa’s in downtown Asheville. We decided to check them out for lunch because we hear that they get pretty busy as night.

The restaurant itself is pretty small but it had a walk up bar outside (on the side street) and the interior was bright and clean. We had a bit of a wait but it was SO WORTH IT! Aubrey had a mojito and I had the home made ginger tea. The tea was a deep red color and the ginger flavor really came through. We started our meal with the chicken and potato taquitos. The taquitos were not like anything that I have had before. The shell was nice and crispy but the filling is what really stole the show. The potatoes were so fresh and the chicken and cheese really balanced the dish. The toppings on the taquitos really stood out too and gave the whole dish a lot of bright flavors. I had the chicken empanadas for my main dish and it did not disappoint. The chicken was nicely grilled and had a good smokey flavor. My favorite cheese, goat cheese, was also included in the dish!

Speed review:
Loved it
Two thumbs up
Get there early
Aubrey approved
Friendly staff
Large groups may be tricky
Perfect for casual date night
Try everything